2018 REV. JEROME R. MILTON AWARD HONOREE: Mustardseed Ministries

Tyler Together Race Relations Forum is pleased to announce the recipient of our 2018 REV. JEROME R. MILTON AWARD FOR NON-VIOLENT SOCIAL CHANGE is:

Mustardseed Ministries and their Founder, Rev. DR. Karen Jones

About Mustardseed Ministries

MSM started in 2001 as a senior’s Computer Literacy program. At that time we created a temporary teaching lab of 15 computers (all borrowed). After several classes were taught we realized that this program was worthy of a name and a more permanent location. We named the program Mustard Seed Ministries and located our 10 donated computers in a Sunday school room  at Cedar Street United Methodist.

Timing was perfect when an anonymous donor began donating skids of old computers to the new ministry. Within 6 months enough units had be refurbished that MSM had a new teaching lab, plus 150 extra computers to give away! These computers were donated to the graduating 5th grade class at Douglas Elementary School. Training was included.

Since 2002, MSM has given away over 11,000 computers to needy students between 5th grade and college all over East Texas. We have also taught the adult computer literacy class to over 7100 adults seeking necessary skills for work placement.

If you have a need or a dream and it includes technology, and what doesn’t any more, MSM can assist you. We work closely with school systems to, not only distribute computers to needy students, but also to teach user skills with Microsoft products, teaching internet safety practices, offering certified data destruction for refurbishing computers, and cultural enrichment day-seminars for elementary class rooms with students of deployed soldiers. We also have a mobile lab for teaching on-site computer literacy classes for churches or companies that want to offer training to a large number of students at their location.

MSM is a 501c3 and is solely supported by private donation.

Click Here To Learn More About Mustardseed

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