Christina Fulsom: 2016 MLK Community Service Day Award Winner

Tyler Together is proud to announce the following award winners from the 2016 Community-wide Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration:

Rev. Jerome Milton Community Service Award:

Christina Fulsom (East Human Needs Network)

Christina Fulsom, Rev. Jerome Milton Award WinnerChristian is Founder and Network Weaver of East Human Needs Network (ETHNN).

ETHNN consists of over 60 Diverse organizations and individuals working together for strengthened programs, connection and improved awareness of services that meet essential human needs.

ETHNN members are committed to creating sustainable community solutions to poverty by collaboratively fostering human potential through trusting relationships, empowerment and education.

“The Community Service Award recognizes outstanding leadership qualities and a demonstrated willingness to see injustices and inequities and willingness to act or motivate others to act non-violently to effect changes that benefit the community at large.

Sponsored by the Greater New Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church, and named for its long-time senior pastor Rev. Jerome R. Milton, the Award is the signature award of Tyler’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. March, Rally, and Ecumenical Service, organized and hosted by the Tyler Together Race Relations Forum (TTRRF). “

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