Cultural Diversity Gathering

faces-63516_640TTRRF & Tyler Public Library Partnership

Tyler Together in Co-operation with the City of Tyler Public Library will begin sponsoring a Monthly “Cultural Diversity Gathering” event beginning in January 2014.

What Is It?

“Monthly Gathering to learn about diverse cultures (ethnicity, religious, regional).  Each month will have a Central Theme.  Event may include Relevant Movies, Guest Speakers, Posters, Books and more to generate understanding. “  

Why Are We Doing It?

The primary purpose is to provide a routine event where we can continue to learn more about each other so we can work together to build a better Greater Tyler Community.

Celebrate Diversity graphicWant To Volunteer?

We are seeking input from other persons interested in volunteering to work on a monthly event committee.  You would be part of a group responsible for that month’s content and would work with the Library staff to plan and coordinate the event. Of course, you can always volunteer for more than one month. <hint! hint!>

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