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Tyler Talking Together Forum

Tyler Together is honored to introduce our “Tyler Talking Together Forum” (T3) Initiative.  

The Tyler Talking Together Forum curriculum was developed as a structural method to facilitate a Honest Conversation about Race for diverse racial groups. 

Due to our varied economic, social, and racial backgrounds we each have a different perspective of how we view our world. 

Because of our individual “Rose-Colored” lenses, it becomes difficult to see things the same as others who do not share our experiences.  Therefore our conversations with others concerning the more controversial issues are rather shallow. 

Participants at a Tyler Talking Together Forum will have a better understanding of approaches to make these conversations deeper and easier.

Objectives of Tyler Talking Together Forums:

Provide a “safe place” for people of varied races and background;

  • To have open, honest conversations about race and diversity


  • Help dispel stereotypes and overcome fears by empowering people to:

    • Discover what they have in common

    • Work together for safe and prosperous communities


  • Through their participation, empower participants to continue the conversation outside their normal social network.

Interested In a Tyler Talking Together Forum?

Our T3 Facilitation Team is now accepting invitations from area churches, civic/social organizations and interested businesses to hold a FREETyler Talking Together” Forum. 

If your group is interested in hosting or participating in a forum, please use our Contact Us page or send us an email to TylerTogether[@] to let us know of your interest. 

FAQ for Tyler Talking Together (T3)

  1. Who should attend a forum?

    Answer:  Anyone who has a desire to better increase their ability to have a sincere and honest conversation with others who are different than themselves.  Whether at home, work, or within social settings we are increasingly interacting with others from a different cultural background.


  2. How Long is each Forum?

    Answer:  Forum typically last 120-130 minutes (1.5 hours).


  3. What’s the group size for a typical forum?

    Answer:  To encourage participation, we prefer groups of 10 -12 individuals. However  we can manage groups as small as 6 people and as large as 20 people.

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