March 2017 Meeting Highlights

Meeting Highlights

  • Set 2017 Calendar

    • Monthly Meetings will be held First Tuesday of Each Month at 6:30 pm.

    • Community Forums to restart in May. All times 5:30 pm til 7 pm.  Taylor Auditorium at City of Tyler Public Library.

      • Tuesday, May 16th
      • Tuesday, July 18th
      • Tuesday, Sept 19th
      • Tuesday, November 14th
    • Reviewed Several Sponsorship Opportunities

      • City of Tyler’s Beauty and the Box. Price: Small $700.00 ($450.00 without Artist Stipend), Large $925.00 ($675.00 without Artist Stipend).  Ken Cobb to follow-up. Agreed to sponsor box.  Details to be determined.
      • Rose City Farmers Market…. (Investigating Potential for Later in Yr)
  • 2017 Major Goals Update

    • 501c3 Formation – In Progres.  Need to name board so we can secure organization name.

    • Expanding Community Outreach

      • Reach +200 subscribers to Newsletter

        • Forward newsletter to friend when we receive it.

        • Invite people when we get the Invitation.

      • Reach +1000 followers on FB

        • Share on FB

      • Establish Relationships with New Elected Officials (Moran, Hughes)

        • Anwar Khalifa suggested a SOIRE to be held possible at the Rose Garden in September or October. Tyler Together to communicate with elected officials and plan SOIRE during the summer.

  • Tyler Partners For Peace Discussion

    • Still Recruiting Organizations

    • Planning Roadshow to share with Community.

    • Purchased domains for future website ( &

Click to read 2017 March TTRRF Agenda and TTRRF minutes

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