Tyler Together Announces 2021 MLK Day Essay Contest

2021 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Essay Contest

Tyler Together Race Relations Forum is honored to sponsor our 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Essay Contest.  This annual event is open to All 6th – 12th grade students from a Smith County School.  Entries must be received no later than close of business on Friday, January 29, 2021.

This year there will be 6 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place from from two divisions (6th thru 8th grade) and (9th thru 12th grade). 

The winners will be announced in February and presented at a virtual event on February 21st where we will ask the winners to read their essays.  Award Ceremony Details will be announced later in February.

Theme: “Strength to Hope”

This year’s theme is “Strength to Hope”. 2020 was a year of uncertainty, new ways of thinking, new challenges and caused us to find strength in our hope to overcome all that we were experiencing.

Dr. King sought this same strength many years ago.

The reference for this theme comes from the commencement address Dr. King gave in 1961, “The American Dream,” from A  Testament  of Hope.

He writes on page 211 “The great problem confronting us today is that we have allowed the means by which we live to outdistance the ends for which we live.” Then on page 213 he writes “Even a superficial look at history shows that social progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless effort and the persistent work of dedicated individuals.”

Click Here to Download the 2021 MLK Essay Submission Guides

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If you have any questions, please use Our Contact Us Page or email us at mlkcontest@tylertogether.org.

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