Tyler Together Meets With City of Tyler Leadership and African-American community leaders to discuss

Three members of Tyler Together attended  a meeting on Friday, January 20 with City Leadership.

We were encouraged by the Open and Candid Dialog and  Looking forward to working with all those in the meeting on improving Community Relations for African-American and All other Marginalized Citizens.

As Mayor Heines stated in the Tyler Local Newspaper article, there are future meetings being planned where we will work on specifics.

A Little Background

Race Relations are a core part of our mission and Tyler Together began a enhanced focused dialog with the City of Tyler in the late Summer of 2016.  Over a dozen of our members met with City of Tyler Leadership to discuss an overview of positive actions that could help improve Race Relations in our city. 

Since that time, we have been working behind the scenes to develop strategies and engage other community individuals/organizations who are willing to actively support improving Race Relations across our area. 

How To Get Involved

Anyone who is interested in being involved in this initiative is invited to join Tyler Together at one of our monthly meeting (calendars).  You can also let us know of your via our email, TylerTogether@gmail.com  To keep abreast of all our activities, join our email newsletter list on our homepage

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